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The Ready Train provides a variety of training options for counselors and other helping professionals. We offer everything from WebEx to live events. You can trust our friendly and collaborative team, which has more than 30 years of relevant training experience, to provide exceptional mentoring to your company.

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Course Development

Our team specializes in crafting mentoring programs that are perfect for your company’s needs. But we can also work closely with you to develop training materials that you can use in- house to text or share. 


Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing using PayJunciton:  There are lots of options for credit card processing and   working with someone that understands your needs, willing to take time to review your current processor can make all the difference. Let’s Talk with a 15-minute initial consult. Our application is HIPAA, PC1 complaint and paperless. Save time, money and process from any location, set up various levels of access for different staff members and review your account on the go.


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